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Apple Picking & buns

My name is Bri Castro and I am honored to be one of the new social media interns for the Sarah Potempa team. I am currently attending California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and I am studying public relations and communication. 

I saved my socks for my feet and used my new Wrap Up to create a perfect up do for a day of apple picking!

In Southern California, fall season is almost nonexistent. The closest we get to wear fluffy scarves and pretty pea coats is simply pinning them on Pinterest. Fall fashion may be in our dreams, but there are still traditions to withhold.

If you have already ordered your pumpkin spice latte, made a trip to the local pumpkin patch, or like me, go apple picking then you are doing the fall season right!

I went to the Riley’s Farm to pick apples and to learn about the different types of apples they grow. I wore my hair in an undone up do using my new wrap up. It is amazing that I can style my hair in 5 minutes, and since it is over 100 degrees, the wrap up creates a perfect up do for this hot weather.

I spent the day learning about the different types of apples that grow on the orchid and their unique names, like “Red Fuji” or “Golden Delicious”. While I was picking apples, it was nice to have my hair out of my face, but in a stylish way of course.

Before I posed for some photos, I used my Mini On Set Styling Brush to take away any flyaways that I did not want. It is great to have this mini brush in my purse ready to smooth away my curly hair!

 Apple picking is definitely a must do for fall and I had a lot of fun learning about them! The Wrap Up has been added to my go to hairstyles and this trip was just the start. Where have you worn your wrap up this fall season?





Hello everyone! My name is Maddie Stemm and I am a student at  the University of Cincinnati. I recently became a social media intern for Sarah Potempa and it has been a pleasure getting to intern for the company! While at UC, I met one of my best friends to this day and decided to feature her in my first blog.

The constant struggle for my friend Che, is that her hair is frizzy and she has days where her hair goes wild.  Luckily for her, Sarah Potempa’s outstanding products have solved her bad hair day problems for good! Sarah’s hip and innovative brush, the Mini Styling Brush, tames her pesky frizz and fits easily in her bag to take anywhere around campus.

The Wrap Up creates a perfect bun every time within seconds. Che’s perfect bun is a great look for any occasion. It’s quick and easy for her on-the-go college lifestyle and great for formal occasions too! Let the Wrap Up perfect your bad hair days too!

Here's how to get the look:

Step 1: Pull hair into a secure ponytail.

Step 2: Open the Wrap Up and pull hair through the center hole.

Step 3: Slide the Wrap Up down to the ends of the hair.

Step 4: Roll hair upward until you reach the ponytail.

Step 5: Bend both sides of the Wrap Up down and around.

Step 6: Pull hair around to cover ends of the Wrap Up.





The best part of a sugar skull look, is that you can play around with what kind of colors you want to incorporate. We decided to use big purple flowers, a sequined mesh black flower and two Wrap Ups. Here what we did:

Step 1: Section your hair in half horizontally and create two side ponytails.

Step 2: Create a bun using the Wrap Up on the bottom ponytail.

Step 3 & Step 4: Create a bun using the Wrap Up on the top ponytail. 

Step 5: Add in the flowers in between both buns and all the way to the top of your head.


Summer Festival Hair

Summer festivals are the most anticipated and chic events of the summer. Our favorite hair trend and festival essential that we can’t get enough of, is the flower headband. We recreated the classic look a few different ways, using the Beachwaver and Wrap Up. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

Wrap Up or Half Up
Darby Clip (to section your hair)
A Flower Headband (You can buy one but we love this DIY tutorial on how to make one by Lauren Conrad. Check it out here)

Flowers and Beachy Waves

Step 1) Beachwave all of your hair. Remember to let your locks completely cool before running your fingers through them to create loose waves and texture
Step 2) Place the flower crown directly on top of your head and voila! Coachella ready hair in minutes. 

Mix it up! Add a half up top knot using HALF UP and accessorize with your flower headband. See the how to video here

 Flowers and Buns

Step 1) Create a side part
Step 2) Beachwave all of your hair for perfect texture
Step 3) Secure hair into a really low side ponytail
Step 4) Using the WRAP UP®, create a low messy side bun
Step 5) Pull out front tendrils
Step 6) Add your flower crown and you’re done!

The only thing left is to add some festival worthy music! Listen below to this year’s amazing Coachella performers! Happy Summer! 



We loved Peter Butler‘s faux bob he created on the Emmy Award Winner, Claire Danes. This polished look was a huge topic of conversation among Beauty Bloggers and Emmy watchers alike… The question at hand was, “Is this faux or for real?”

We found out from Peter that it was indeed a faux bob. Upon his Twitter approval that The WRAP UP™ was the perfect way to recreate it at home, Grace tried it! Check out the pictures and her steps below!

  1. Part your hair in a deep side part

  2. Run your Ceramic Styling Iron + Blowout Attachments through the front section to create a slight bend in the hair

  3. Gather hair into a low ponytail and pull hair through The WRAP UP™

  4. Pinch The WRAP UP™ closed and slide down towards the end of the hair. Then roll up towards the base of the neck.

  5. Bend The WRAP UP™ forward to the shape of your neck and secure with two inch bobby pins

  6. Spritz hair with a flexible hair spray to give a clean and polished faux bob look.If your event is not as formal as the Emmys, feel free to “mess it up a little bit” and add some texture.