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Devour all the Halloween costume contests this year with your hilarious Sharknado hair! Here is how:

  1. Separate your hair into two high ponytails.

  2. Place each ponytail into a WRAP UP™

  3. Roll both WRAP  UPs™ in toward the center of your head.

  4. Twist both WRAP UPs™ together to lock placement.

  5. Pull hair to cover the WRAP UPs™.

  6. Attach images of sharks!



Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games exudes tough girl chic in this five strand braid. Grab a friend, grab your bow & arrow, you’ve been chosen to be Katniss Everdeen this Halloween.

  1. Beachwave all of your hair for perfect texture
  2. Part your hair in a deep side part
  3. Grab a friend and create a five strand braid

  4. Start with the right and go over the inner piece and under the middle piece
  5. Move to the left and go over the inner left piece and under the middle piece
  6. Then repeat as you add hair to the outside pieces and keep tight to shape the braid around the nape of the neck

  7.  Continue straight down with the braid

  8. Finish off with a regular braid and secure with an elastic



We are feeling hot and jazzy this week as we throwback to one of our favorite vintage hair looks. Last year Sarah teamed up with Tina Turnbow and Deborah Lippmann, to create a night of retro glam inspired by the 20s – 50s. The night was filled with fun, dancing, and beauty!  See some of the beautiful looks below!



Warriors In Pink was founded by Ford Motor Company in 2006. 100% of the net proceeds from all wear and gear sales is dedicated to the cause of finding a cure for breast cancer. Sarah met up with Gilles Marini in NYC yesterday at The Love and Cupcakes Warriors In Pink Tour, to promote the “United with Love” T-shirt that Gilles created for the 2013 WIP collection. The tour stopped at six locations throughout Manhattan to spread the word, raise money for the cause, and pass out free cupcakes! Now that is SWEET!



Sarah picked out the Beautiful Warrior Scarf! You can get one too by visiting Warriors In Pink and show your support for this great cause!