Beachwaver Affiliate Program

CAMPUS WAVE College Ambassador

Learn more about our community of ambassadors and campus reps. Interested in signing up? Check back in next semester for enrollment dates. In the meantime, get familiar with our tools & catch up with us on social!

Why join?

  • Free Beachwaver Co. professional products.
  • Program training by celeb hairstylist and Beachwaver inventor Sarah Potempa.
  • Get featured on Beachwaver’s social channels and blog.
  • Attend exclusive events with the Beachwaver team!
  • Build your resume and gain valuable industry experience.
  • Earn extra cash.


Get started by filling out an application to

become an ambassador on your campus!


Become a hair pro with a free monthly box of

products + webinars with celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa!


Create content, host events on campus, and

share your unique promo code with friends & family!

Check back this Summer to apply for Fall 2020

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