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Brushes 101: Choose the right one!

Brushes 101: Choose the right one!

For a tool we use literally every day, brushes are often overlooked for more exciting products when it comes time to add to our beauty arsenals (we get it—it’s much more tempting to add another Beachwaver to your cart)! But below, we make a case for why the brush you choose is actually super important (your hair type, why, and how you use your brush and the look you’re going for all play a role). From prep to maintenance, to finishing and styling, here’s how to choose the perfect brush for your specific hair needs.




Prep Brush 

A detangling staple, the Prep Brush can be used pre- or post-shower to get rid of stubborn tangles and knotsGentle, yeflexible bristles detangle without pulling, and bonus—the Prep Brush is the perfect tool for applying the product (like Braid Balm Pre-Braid Prep) to dry or damp hair. 

Great for: detangling; sensitive scalps. 

Tip: if you have fine hair, try only brushing the ends of your hair so you don’t lose any volume up top!


Paddle Brush

The perfect companion for the shower, the Paddle Brush’s balled tips gently massage your scalpwhile flexible, but strong, bristles make it ideal for long, thick hair. 

Great for: wet styling. Strong enough for thick hair.

Tip: use in the shower with your conditioner for super de-tangling power!




Blow Out Pro 

Looking for a tool to help you create a voluminous, blowout styleThis 1.25” round brush—adored by stylists for its ergonomic handle—is the move. The ceramic barrel and combination bristles leave hair shiny, with a polished finish. 

Great for: blowdrying; smoothingAll hair types.

Tip: use with the Coast Pro styling iron for a just-from-the-salon style you can do on yourself!


On Set Pro 

The perfect everyday styling brush! Combination bristles eliminate frizz and distribute your natural oil for a healthy shine. The cushion base is gentle on your hair and scalp and helps add a polished finish

Great for: finishing and styling. All hair types

Tip: Spray Great Barrier Heat Protectant Hairspray directly onto the On Set Pro to smooth flyaways and frizz while styling. It’s a win-win!


Mini On Set Pro

The mini version of our classic On Set Pro brush, this cult favorite is the only hair tool your purse needs. Perfect for touching up your waves on the go, the Mini On Set has actually been spotted on the red carpet!

Great for: traveling. All hair types. 

Tip: Toss it in your purse, and you’ll never have to worry about your waves falling flat again. 

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