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Hacks That Will Leave Your Hair Tangle-Free Forever

Tangled hair? Not a problem anymore! Check out these hacks to live life tangle-free:

In the shower
“Avoid adding water to hair that’s knotty beyond belief,” recommends celeb stylist Juan Carlos. Be sure to brush your hair before you get in the shower.

Another thing to keep your hair without tangles is to not go overboard on the amount of shampoo used in the shower. "It isn’t necessary to wash from root to tip to get shampoo ad-worthy hair," says Sarah Potempa. “The spot you should concentrate on is the roots — otherwise you risk drying out your ends, making them more susceptible to tangling.” After using conditioner, turn the temperature in the shower down. “Piping hot water opens up the cuticle, essentially making it easier for hair to knot,” Sarah says. She suggests thinking of the cuticle like shingles on a roof. “By sealing it with cool water, it lays flat and won’t catch.”

Hair can stretch up to 50% more when wet, so it's important to be very careful if brushing it when wet. “Brushing wet hair without the right tools can tear the cuticle,” says Shaun Pulfrey. “And if it’s damaged, the cuticle won’t lie flat.” 

Blowdrying in the wrong direction can also cause knots. Sarah Potempa recommends pointing the dryer downwards, parallel to your hair. “Most girls blowdry their hair perpendicular to their heads, and wind up fraying the ends.” Frayed ends mean knots, because dry or damaged hair is more likely to get caught on itself. 

If you’re aiming for looser curls, curl your hair with the ends out. Tight curls are more likely to get tangled.

If you do come across a large knot, try massaging a hydrating conditioner into it and gently trying to break it up with your fingers until it loosens. Then, use paddle brush to get rid of the rest of the knot. “The bristles move with the hair and have a bit of give, so there is no tearing of the hair,” Tippi Shorter says.

Brush your hair before you go to bed. “Girls will attempt to save a style by not brushing it, but that’s just a recipe for bedhead, and not the desirable kind,” Juan Carlos says. Braiding or tying hair up before going to sleep can help to reduce tangles — just be sure to switch up the position or style every night. “If you wear the same style to bed every night, over and over, you can end up damaging your hair because the ties tug at the same place,” Sarah Potempa notes.  Finally, a silk pillowcase can help to reduce pesky knots because hair strands won't catch silk. “No matter your texture, the key is to keep hair from rubbing on the pillow while you sleep,” Tippi Shorter says. 



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