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Does It Really Matter Which Hair Brush You Use?

There are so many different brushes to choose from, but did you know that each one has a specific use? 

Paddle brushes
A paddle brush is one of the most common types of brushes. “If you have finer hair, try brushing the ends of your hair so you don’t lose any volume up top! This is also a great brush to bring into the shower to use with condition to smooth away any tangles,” Sarah Potempa says. 

Synthetic brushes
Synthetic brushes are usually found in the paddle form, and they're best for thick hair because the bristles are sturdy. On the other end, natural brushes are best for normal or fine hair because they aren’t as harsh on the hair as synthetic brushes.

Wet brushes
“Using a brush with water can work great for all types of hair, thick, curly, or straight! You can use it while your hair is wet or dry. It’s best to use a paddle brush in the shower or with water and conditioner to reduce tangles. It tends to be easier to detangle with the help of the conditioner,” explains Sarah.

Boar bristle brushes
A boar bristle brush has tightly packed boar bristles. “The combination of nylon and boar bristles eliminates frizz and distributes your natural oil for a healthy shine. The cushion base is gentle on your hair and scalp and helps add a polished finish,” Sarah explains. The Beachwaver Co. On Set Styling Brush is a great option. 

Round brushes
A round brush is great for anyone looking for a blowout-like look. “A round brush is most effective when paired with a blowdryer. This combination will give your hair smooth finish, volume, and a lot of movement,” says Potempa.

Vented brushes
A vented brush can be used on any hair type. It's best when it is used for blow drying. “These tend to be found mostly in round brushes with spaces between the bristles for air to flow,” Sarah says.

Wide-tooth comb
“A wide-tooth comb could be used with all hair types but especially for long, curly hair. The wide space between the teeth will allow the comb to run through your hair easily and will also assist with detangling. With a wide-tooth comb, you won’t have to pull so hard, which will result in less breakage,” says Sarah Potempa.  Another great thing about this brush is that it's perfect for wet or dry hair.

Rattail Comb
“A rattail comb has a long thin side. This is best for when you want to get a perfect part and creating clean sections in the hair," explains Sarah.


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