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Dannijo’s Fall/Winter 2014 presentation was focused around the ballerina and the boxer. The theme coined BOXERina was brought to life at the Eyebeam Studios including a boxing ring set, the delicate dancers wore the fall collection of jewels (complete with tutus!).  Sarah’s vision behind the hair focused on marrying the graceful nature of the ballerina and the tough appearance of a boxer. She also wanted to create a look that would flatter from all angles while still carrying out the devoted Dannijo theme. The hair style was a funky faux hawk created with the Wrap Up and Half Up. Below are the steps on how she created this look, faux real.

  1. Spray a flexible hairspray onto the On Set Styling Brush and pull hair into 6 small pony tails down the middle of the head, in the shape of a Mohawk. Secure with clear elastics.
  2. Apply Aussie Miraculously Smooth Gel to roots to tame flyaways and add shine. The tightness will complete the ballerina part of the look while the faux hawk will represent the boxer.
  3. Using the On Set Styling Brush begin to tease each individual pony tail in a downward motion.
  4. Combining two ponytails at a time, use one SARAHPOTEMPA Half Up on the top two ponies, the WRAP UP on the two middle ponies and the Half Up on last two ponies. Take two pony tails through The WRAP UP/Half Up.  As you roll down, leave two inches of the ends out. Bend the ends of the Half Up/WRAP UP in, keeping the shape of the Mohawk. Pin in place.

  5. Repeat with the rest of the pony tails.
  6. Tease loose pieces, twist and pin around the bun to give the faux hawk more texture leaving ends out for whispy, undone pieces.
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