The Fourth of July is fast approaching which means BBQ, parades and of course red, white and blue!  An easy way to incorporate a little patriotic pride is to make these super easy hair pins using nail polish and bobby pins! First gather together all of the items you will need!  To make these pins, you will need bobby pins, a piece of cardboard or card stock, and a red, white and blue nail polish. For some extra fun, use a glitter as well!

Take the bobby pins and slide them onto the piece of cardboard.  This will help keep them in place while you paint them and make it easier.  Make sure the side you want to be painted is facing up!

It’s time to take your nail polish and paint the bobby pins!  Get as creative as you like, either doing all once color or mixing it up and making stripes by using small strokes of different shades!  Try to use polishes that will only require one coat so they dry quickly!

This step is if you want to add polka dots!  Take one bobby pin (unpainted)  and bend it into a 90 degree angle.  The beaded end is perfect for making a polka dot!  Then use an extra piece of cardboard or scrap paper and put a dot of nail polish on it. Take the bent bobby pin, dip the end into the dot of polish and dab onto the bobby pins you are painting in any design you like!

Let your newly painted hair pins dry and then style however you like!  Use just one for a little accent or stack up as many as you like for a fun, Independence Day look!

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