Beauty Chat: Sarah Potempa on Summer Hair – The Beachwaver Co.

Beauty Chat: Sarah Potempa on Summer Hair

With her flaxen lengthy locks and soap-opera star features, celebrity hair stylist Sarah
Potempa could easily be mistaken for one of the Hollywood names whom she primps to perfection. The Aussie spokesperson has manipulated the manes of such luminaries as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Lea Michele, and Michelle Williams. She invented a genius tool (and favorite of ELLE editors), the Beachwaver, which is a revolutionary, computerized rotating curling iron with a motorized barrel and ceramic cold powdered plates. Using it on loosely dried hair yields Gisele Bündchen waves a snap, and the experience seems akin to a gadget Judy Jetson would use on her own locks. The mastermind chats about fighting frizz, date night ideas, and how to protect your mop from salt and chlorine.
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