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How To: Doctors Edition

Not many people like going to the doctor's office, but it is a blast when you get to spend the day with The Doctors! On the show, I showed the Doctors how to make your thin hair look fat. If you want add volume without using extensions or paying salon prices, use these three hair hacks. These tricks will be sure to give you voluminous hair in no time!

Braids can sometimes make your hair look thinner, but there is a solution: 

Pancake Method


  • Add texture beforehand by adding dry shampoo to ends. 
  • Use two or three strands to braid.
  • Use tight braids to start, so pulling will make hair look thicker.
  • Once braided, pull each loop out a little bit to get big texture throughout.

    If you don't have time to worry about your hair in the morning, then your solution is: 

  • Overnight Buns
    • You can shower before bed to wet your hair.
    • Section your hair and begin to twist your hair away from your face, forming 3 buns.
    • In the morning, untwist and style to achieve the gorgeous waves.

    If you love to wear your hair in a ponytail but it's been lacking desired fullness, your solution is:

    Double Ponytail

    • Section your hair in two and use the top section to make your first ponytail.
    • Gather the bottom section of hair and create a second ponytail underneath the first.
    • Back brush the top ponytail and add curls in different sections, giving you a voluminous ponytail sure to turn heads.


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