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6 Super Bowl Sunday Styles

1. Halftime Half Up 
 Half Up Beachwaver Curls

For this first game day hairstyle, use the Clamp & Curl to create loose beach waves in your hair. Then, leaving a few strands of hair down in the front, take about half of the hair you just curled and put it into a high ponytail. @thenikkicagle 

2. Winning Waves 
 Mermaid Waves

To create this look, separate your hair into sections. Next, using the 3B waver, go over each of the sections to create beautiful winning waves. @beautycoffeebooty

3. Football Braid 
Football Braid

Turn beautiful braids into a football! Part your hair into three sections, with the smallest section being in the back. Use the braid balm to tame flyaways and braid each of the sections. Add ribbon to create the football stitching! Finally, use bobby pins to secure the braids in place! 

4. Champion Curls

Soft Waves Beachwaver 

You will be feeling like a champion when it takes you less than 10 minutes to create these amazing curls. Use the Beachwaver Pro 1 to achieve this natural beautiful look! @juju.bee.like

5. Touchdown Top Knot 

 Fishtail Top Knot

Use Beachwaver’s braid balm to make the perfect top knot! Start by making a high ponytail. Then, fishtail your hair. Finally, wrap the fishtail around to form a bun and use bobby pins to secure the top knot in place.

6. Super Bowl Srunchie Pony Scrunchie Beachwaver
For a super easy cute look, brush your hair out using the prep brush and gather it into a high ponytail. Pro tip: Use a scrunchie the color of your favorite Super Bowl team to elevate your look!

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