Female Founder Collective – The Beachwaver Co.

Female Founder Collective


The Beachwaver Co.® is an official Female Founder Collective company. This recognition is key to our cause as a result of the FFC’s core message: women have the power to change the world. The FFC strive to increase employment opportunities and leadership positions for women in business, and they have made it their mission to positively impact communities both socially and economically. The FFC help create ceiling-breaking advances for working women, including joining the fight for gender equal pay. By dedicating The Beachwaver Co.’s message to innovation and female empowerment, we share the passion for breaking barriers in business. We believe in creating what has not been invented before, investing in compassionate science (a.k.a. no animal testing!) and encouraging women to make lasting differences in the world at large. Free your mind from negative energy by supporting female-owned companies, future female bosses, and more women-driven movements. Learn more about the Female Founder Collective and what else Beachwaver loves about this groundbreaking initiative.

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