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Here’s What’s Making Waves!

 Our fave influencers and media outlets can’t stop raving about this beach-inspired, six-piece collection of hair care products! Here's a closer look at what happened during our new launch events. Soak up the good times and Good Vibes.  

“In addition to sustainability, the women behind The Beachwaver Co. want to help educate customers on what clean beauty is all about.”

- Allure Magazine

Our founding sisters revealed what you can expect from this new wave of products. “It basically smells like the beach. It’s so good; it’s like you’re on vacation,” Beachwaver® Founder and Inventor Sarah Potempa shared. Sarah also discussed how The Beachwaver Co. all started. “There weren’t really a lot of tools, or a lot of things out there that actually made a difference [when it came to curling your hair],” she said. Creating a revolutionary hairstyling tool that makes effortless waves was Sarah’s idea and her invention; however, she shared she couldn’t have done it without her sisters, Erin and Emily. “It’s a phenomenal thing to not just yourself have an idea, but have other people support you and fight for you. And prove that you can do it.”

We are a women-owned, women-run, self-funded company.”

Erin credits all the women who came before her that paved the way for future female CEOs. “There have been a lot of things that women, or allies of women, have had to overcome to give us this opportunity that we have today," she says. Erin acknowledges that the challenges they experienced, like hearing "no" over and over again, only made their vision stronger and their bond closer. “The best part about working with my sisters is that they’re always going to be there.” 
Visit our female-founded page to learn more about how all three sisters—Sarah, Erin, and Emily—built The Beachwaver Co. from a unique idea to an empowering, female-driven company. 
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