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Braids and Waves

Braids and Waves

Step 1. Beachwave all of your hair with Beachwaver S1.25.

Step 2. After your hair is beachwaved, start with all of your hair down.

Step 3. Take a section of your hair from the back of your head

Step 4. Create a pony tail and secure it with an elastic band. 

Step 5. Take the pony tail and separate it into 3 sections. 

Step 6. Create a 3 strand braid by looping each section over and under. 

Step 7. Take the 3 strand braid and create a spiral shape.

Step 8. Loop the rest of the hair to complete the rest of the spiral. 

Step 11. Pin the 3 strand spiral so it is secure. 

Step 12. After the braid is secure, pancake each part of the braid.

Step 13. Tuck away any stray hairs.

Step 14. Beach wave any missing sections to complete the look. 

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