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Deep Dive Sale Summer 2019
Beachwaver Second Wave Beachwaver Second Wave

Certified Open box

What is Certified Open Box?
When a Beachwaver iron is returned, we open each box and hand-inspect each tool. These irons may be cosmetically imperfect, but are certified good as new!

Why Certified Open Box?

In an overall effort to be sustainable, these irons may be without packaging.

Deep Discounts
With tools up to 70% off a comparable new iron, you’ll be making waves in no time!
*Because this deal is so sweet, all items are final sale!

We’ve Got You Covered
Because your iron is good as new, so is your warranty. Your purchase includes a 1-year limited warranty!


We ♥ Mother Earth and are committed to doing our part for the environment. Join us on our mission to be kind to our planet by focusing on sustainability.


Limited Stock for Earth Day

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