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Styling with the Beachwaver S-Series: FAQs

Styling with the Beachwaver S-Series: FAQs

Are you wondering how to get the most mileage out of your waves (you want your perfect curls to last forever—we feel you!), avoid clamp marks, or achieve the most voluminous curls using your Beachwaver S-Series iron? Below, we answer all your burning questions about how to use (and get the most out of!) your Beachwaver iron.

1. How do I choose the right size Beachwaver for me? 

Do you have a cute bob, lob, or shorter-than-shoulder-length hair? The Beachwaver S.75’s ¾-inch barrel is perfect for you. Itcan also be used tocreate super textured waves on long hair, or to enhance yournatural curl!

Our classic Beachwaver S1 is great for all hair types and lengths. This 1-inch barrel gives you those just-came-from-the-beach waves. P.S. – Start here if this is your first Beachwaver buy!

If you have shoulder-length to long hair, or medium to thick hair, try the Beachwaver S1.25. This bigger, 1¼-inch barrel will give you relaxed waves—like you’ve just gotten a blowout!


2. How do I adjust the temperature of my Beachwaver? 

The Beachwaver’s digital temperature control lets you adjust the iron’s heat in seconds! Press the “+” button to increase the temperature or the “-” button to decrease the temperature.  

If you want to adjust the temp while you’re styling, simply unlock by pressing the power button once, and adjust with the “+” or “-” buttons.

3. What temperature should I use?

If you have fine hair, or if you recently colored your hair, we recommend using a lower temperature—between290°Fand310°F. 

If you have mediumto thick hair, we recommend a temperature of 330°F-370°F. 

For anyone #blessed with thick hair,or ifyou have stubborn hair that doesn’t holda curl, we recommendincreasing the temperatureto 410°F.


4. How do I avoid clamp marks when I’m curling my hair? 

Clamp marks can happen if you rotate the iron in the wrong direction, but this is easy to avoid!


When curling away from your face, hold your Beachwaver upright, with the clamp facing the mirror. Clamp the end of your hair, and press the outer arrow to rotate away from your face.  

Watch the right (and wrong!) way to do it below.





5. What speed should I use? 

Slow Speed 

Use the slow speed if you’re a Beachwaver beginner. When using the slow speed, you have more control over the rotation, giving you a chance to get used to how the Beachwaver works! 

The slow speed is also perfect for short hair, baby hairs, and hair close to your scalp. 

Fast Speed

Once you become comfortable curling your hair with the Beachwaver, switch to the fast speed! Faster speed = faster results (especially on extra-long hair!)

Here’s how to adjust the speed on your Beachwaver.


6. How should I section my hair when curling? 

Follow these easy steps to master sectioning your hair! Bring all your hair forward, then section each side of your head so you have a top and a bottom section. Clip the top section up and start by Beachwaving the bottom section. Once the bottom section is Beachwaved, release the top section. Repeat on the other side. This way, you will never have to curl the “back” of your hair!

6 Sectioning

7. How do I change the direction of my curls? 

If you’re a beginner, we always recommend starting by curling everything away from your face. To do this, start with the clamp facing forward. Clamp the end of your hair and press the outer arrow to rotate away from your face.

Once you’ve graduated to pro Beachwaver status and you want to try curling in alternating directions (for a more textured look):

  1. Start by following the steps above.
  2. On every OTHER curl, start with the clamp facing backward (instead of forward). Clamp the end of your hair and press the outer arrow to rotate toward your face.

8. How can I make my curls last longer? 

Tip 1: After you’ve curled your hair, wait until your curls are completely cool before you run your fingers or a brush through it. 

Tip 2: After you release each curl, slide your finger through the middle, and roll the curl into an O-shape all the way up to the base. Grab a hairpin and pin the “O” at the root. Allow it to curl completely before removing the pin.  

Tip 3: Don’t forget to use your Great Barrier Heat Protectant Hairspray to help make your curls last for days!


9. How do I get a beachier wave vs. a bouncy wave? 

For beachy, relaxed waves: 

Clamp your hair, leaving about an inch or two of the ends out.

For bouncy waves: 

Clamp closer to the ends of your hair. Once you have rotated the Beachwaver one time, slightly open the clamp and slide the iron down closer to the end, then rotate the Beachwaver all the way up. Hold the Beachwaver at a slight angle to give you more volume and bounce.


10. How do I create volume? 

Maximize your volume by taking a section of hair and lifting it up, then placing it into the clamp at an angle. Hold at an angle for 3 to 4 seconds and release. Va va voom!



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