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What is Purple Shampoo?

What is Purple Shampoo?



Purple shampoo is becoming more and more popular, but unless you’re BFFs with a hairdresser, you might not know exactly what it is…and why you should be using it. Now that we’ve launched our own purple shampoo and conditioner, we’re giving you the lowdown on everything you need to know (and yes, it IS the secret to maintaining your beautiful color at home!). So whether you’re new to blonde (or ombré!), or were born platinum, keep reading! Below are the answers to all your purple shampoo Qs.

What are purple shampoos and conditioners?
Purple shampoos and conditioners contain purple pigments that tone your hair—eliminating any brassy and yellow colors (think of a color wheel, and how purple and yellow are on opposite sides)! They are must-haves for keeping your color fresh and bright between salon visits, or for natural blondes that have yellowed or dulled from elements like the sun or hot tools.


What makes the Beachwaver Co. BRB Purple Shampoo & Conditioner different from others?
While other purple shampoos and conditioners tend to be drying, BRB Blonde is intensely moisturizing. The shampoo and conditioner are infused with Tahitian Monoi Flower for nourishment and Shea Butter for moisture, while our HiX Bond Multipliers strengthen your hair while toning and eliminating brass!


Who should be using purple shampoo or conditioner?
If you have bleached hair—including highlights, ombré, or balayage—BRB Blonde Purple Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for you! BRB can also be used on natural blonde or gray hair. Even if your hair has never been dyed or bleached, it has probably still been exposed to elements that can dull your natural color. BRB Blonde is an amazing cleanser (bonus: it’s sulfate free, so it helps keep your hair healthy, while reducing frizz!) and moisturizer that not only removes impurities, but tones and brightens your hair for the best, brightest version of your natural color!

How often should I use it?

Everyone’s hair is different, so you may need to play around with BRB to see what works best for your hair type and color, but here’s good place to start:

  • For blonde hair, start by using BRB 1-2x a week, or every other wash! We recommend first focusing on the areas of your hair that are more brassy and leaving it in for 1 minute, then using all over and rinsing to blend it all together.
  • For brunette hair with highlights or balayage, start by using BRB 1-2x a week. Focus on the parts of your hair that are highlighted.
  • For natural gray/silver hair, we recommend using BRB 1-2x a month. Start by focusing on the areas of your hair that are more brassy and leaving it in for 1 minute, then using all over and rinsing to blend it all together.


Do I need to use both the purple shampoo & conditioner?
Because we recommend using BRB like you would a regular shampoo and conditioner, using both will give you the best results! Start by cleansing your scalp with the shampoo, then follow up with the conditioner on your midlengths and ends—focusing on any brassy areas.

How long should I leave it in? Will it turn my hair purple?
Start by leaving it in for 1 to 2 minutes the first time you use it and increasing the amount of time only if you feel your hair needs more toning and brightening. Pro tip: use a cool rinse at the end of your wash to seal the hair cuticle for longer-lasting color!

Depending on the tone and porosity of your hair and how long you leave it in, there is a chance your hair could turn slightly lavender (which is why we recommend starting with just a few minutes at a time)! If you ever do leave it on a bit too long, you can rinse your hair with hot water to open the cuticle and use a regular shampoo, which will help wash out the purple tones faster.

If purple IS the vibe you’re going for, leave it on longer and apply it more often for a temporary lavender tone!

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