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Which Beachwaver Is Right For Me?

Which Beachwaver Is Right For Me?


Do you have super-long hair? Is your hair extra thick or coarse? Are you a professional stylist, or are you always doing your friends’ hair? Invest in the Beachwaver Pro! 

The Pro’s longer, 6.5-inch barrel makes it ideal for longer (think waist-length!) locks. Plus, the Pro’s professional-grade heat (it heats up to 450 degrees!) and gold-infused ceramic barrel makes it perfect for smoothing coarse hair.

To get the best results, use the left button when curling the left side of your head and the right button when curlingyourright side. Available in two sizes: Pro 1 (1  inch) and Pro 1.25 (1¼ inch).


  • Left, Right, and Gocontrolbuttons (To use to low speed rotation setting, hold the “L” button for 8 seconds. To speed up the rotation, hold the “R” button for 8 seconds) 
  • 9-foot swivel cord 
  • Professional-grade heat (310°F – 450°F) 
  • High & lowspeed settings 
  • Gold-infused ceramic barrel



BeachwaverS-Series and Dual VoltageS-Series

Are you a curling iron novice? Do you have medium-length hair or shorter? Do you often travel internationally?

If you have a short bob or medium-to- long hair, the S-Series' shorter, 5.5-inch barrel is best for you. The S-Series irons also have a Home button to bring the clamp back to the starting position, making it easier for beginners to get used to the rotation feature.

Pro tip: TheS-Series and Dual VoltageS-Seriesare almost identical—but if you’re a jetsetter with an on-the-go lifestyle, opt for the Dual Voltage iron, which can be used when traveling internationally! Available in three sizes: S.75 (¾ inch), S1 (1 inch), S1.25 (1¼ inch).


  • Arrow control buttons 
  • Home button—great for beginners! 
  • 8-ft swivel cord 
  • High & low speed settings 
  • Ceramic barrel 
  • Lighter weightthan the Pro Series 


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