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Tips for Beautiful Hair

1. Find your frequency.

People with thinner hair should be washing their hair more often than those with thicker hair. Thin hair can be washed every other day, while thicker hair can go every four days, or maybe even once a week.

"Nobody should be washing their hair every single day. Most people think that by washing their hair daily, that they are getting rid of the oil in their hair, but they are actually drying out their scalp even more and therefore producing more oil," says Sarah Potempa.

2. Clarify your intentions.

A clarifying shampoo is great to remove excess oil in the hair that's left over from products.

3. Condition the right places.

Don't condition your roots, where oil is already produced. Condition only the ends of your hair, where it will help to smooth the ends.

4. Try dry conditioner.

Using dry conditioner on the ends of hair will help it look fresh!

5. Remember, less is more.

"I would focus on one or two great products to start and finish your hair, if any, and I guarantee you'll see more out of your blow dry than overloading on products," DJ Quintero says.

6. Add heat.

After blow drying hair, use a flat iron or curling iron on the ends to help the hair stay smooth.

7. Get a shower cap.

Using a shower cap will make it easier to shower and keep your hair out of the way. Jacquelyn De Jesu, the founder of SHHHOWER CAP, has introduced a new line of caps that are anti-bacterial, anti-humidity, machine-washable and come in chic patterns.

8. Style in your sleep.

Keeping your hair on the top of your head while you sleep will help give your hair a nice lift. Use something to hold the hair that will not leave a dent when you wake up. 

9. Spray the oil away.

Dry shampoo is wonderful to spritz and go. It will take away the oil and leave your roots with some nice volume.

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