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How-To: Double Waterfall Braid

How-To: Double Waterfall Braid

Need to up your braid game? This impressive double waterfall braid will do the trick. Follow these six steps, and be instant #braidgoals! 

1. Part hair on the side, and apply Braid Balm Pre-Braid Prep to one side. Take a small section from the hairline, and divide into 3 strands.

2. Start by creating a regular 3-strand braid (left section over the middle, then right over the middle). Start this braid again, but this time, drop the right strand, and pick up a new one next to the section you dropped, then continue braiding. 

3. When you reach the left, add hair from the left side. Continue this pattern—dropping the right section each time and adding hair from the left. 

4. When you reach the back of the head, finish with a regular 3-strand braid, and secure with an elastic.

5. Repeat this process again, adding each dropped strand of the original braid to the left-most strand of your new braid—creating a second waterfall braid directly beneath the first!

6. Finish by curling with the Dual Voltage Beachwaver S1.25.

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