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Dragon Queen

Dragon Queen

Step 1. Make a side part.

Step 2. Grab a section at the hairline, apply Braid Balm Pre-Braid Prep and split it into three equal parts.

Step 3. Braid by taking the right strand and crossing it over the middle strand. Then take the left strand and cross it over the middle strand. Add hair from the root to each strand on the left to create a one-sided French braid. 

Step 4. Continue braiding, and finish with a traditional three-strand braid, then secure with an elastic. 

Step 5. Repeat this braid on the other side of the part.

Step 6. Create french braids underneath each one-sided French braid, and secure with elastics. 

Step 7. Add extensions for extra length. 

Step 8. Curl with the Beachwaver S.75, and brush through with the On Set Pro Styling Brush.

Step 9. Secure all braids together with a clear elastic, and add a vintage hair clip. You're ready for winter! 

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