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Queen of Ice

Queen of Ice

Step 1. To create volume and texture start by curling the hair with the Beachwaver S 1.25 and clip until cool 

Step 2. Add extensions for length 

Step 3. Gather a small section of hair from the corners of your forehead to the crown and tie it in a ponytail and secure with an elastic

Step 4. Clip the first ponytail up to get it out of the way and tie a second ponytail under the first.

Step 5. Release the top ponytail and divide in half into 2 sections 

Step 6. Bring the second ponytail up through the split and clip out of the way with the Darby Clip

Step 7. Tie a third ponytail under the second and incorporate the ends from the first ponytail. 

Step 8. Continue down the head 

Step 9. To finish off use your fingers to split the section to create and opening. Pull the ponytail through the opening so it now becomes the top ponytail.

Step 10. Continue to the end and add gems for extra sparkle

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