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Get the Look: 1950s

Who doesn't like the classic Marilyn Monroe look!? It's one of my favorites!
What You Need: Step 1: Create a deep side part.
Step 2: Take a 1” section from top of hair, bang area, and curl under with the Beachwaver Pro.
Step 3: Roll up curl and pin to head with hair clip. Repeat this step.
Step 4: Work from the top of the head down. Make the sections toward the back of the head larger and the sections around the face tighter for a true vintage look.
Step 5: Let the curls cool completely.
Step 6: Take out all the metal clips and just let the curls fall but don't manipulate them.
Step 7: Carefully run your fingers through the curls to break them up.
Step 8: Take front bang section and brush hair together with On Set Styling Brush to form one big curl.
Step 9: Brush the rest of the hair out, and start creating and molding curls into waves.

My friend and celebrity makeup artist, Gianpaolo Ceciliato, had a great time re-creating this iconic makeup look.

Here's what he used:

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