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Shark Tornado

Step 1. Create two ponytails on each side of your head.

Step 2. Open up the wrap up and pull your ponytail through. Repeat on other ponytail.  

Step 3. Take both sides and create two horn like shapes.

Step 4. Bend the each wrap up at the top to add extra shape. 

Step 5. Twist the wrap ups together leaving the top portion exposed.  

Step 6. Take hair and cover the top. Include cutout sharks and a fishing net to complete the look. 


70's Vibes

Step 1. Prep the hair using the Beachwaver S.75 

Step 2. Brush out the curls with the On Set Styling brush

Step 3. Clip up back section of hair with Darby Clip

Step 4. Tie headscarf around forehead and secure under the section of hair

Step 5. Let down hair that is clipped up to hide the scarf and add glasses for an extra touch