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Hop into Halloween with this cute bunny look using these pink and white sequin bunny ears, which also comes with a fluffy cotton tail from Icing.

Step 1: Start by using the Beachwaver Pro to curl your hair into tight curls.

Step 2: After your curls have completely cooled, use a comb to tease your hair starting at the roots and working your way out.

Step 3: Spray your locks with a flexible hold hairspray, we always suggest Aussie's Sprunch Spray and you're all set!



What happens when you mix "I-do" Laced Hair Clip-in Extensions and The Beachwaver Pro? A super fun hair party! Lacy, who owns Laced Hair Extensions, spent the whole day with Sarah and Team SP to give everyone gorgeous long locks. After adding extensions, Sarah taught Lacy all about The Beachwaver Pro and the results were beautiful! 

Lacy offers only the finest quality human, remy hair. Along with selling the I-do Clip-in Extensions, she also sells Kera-tip (fusion), I-tip Laced Locks, Micro wraps, beaded wefts and tape ins. Another reason we love her company even more is that she offers stylist and student training worldwide and online. For more information, you can visit or email them at Check out their beautiful before and after shots! Happy styling! 

 *Please Note: We recommend only using The Beachwaver Pro or heat styling tools on human hair extensions.



These lovely ladies are showing off their beautiful beachwaved curls! Here at Sarah Potempa Inc., we absolutely love to see pictures of your beachwaved locks. Nothing brings us more joy than to see women not only looking beautiful, but feeling beautiful at the same time! Go ahead and post a picture of your hair styled with the fabulous Beachwaver and hashtag “IGOTBEACHWAVED” and tag @TheBeachwaver so that we can check it out!  Your photo may even have the opportunity to be featured on the blog! Xo