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  • 4 Styles You Can Create With a Bandana

    2018 has been the year of the bandana, and we can’t get enough! Of course, we always love pairing our bandanas with classic, Beachywaves™, but there are so many...

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  • Emily Blunt's Elegant Crown Braid

    Emily Blunt's Elegant Crown Braid

    If there's one person who loves braids and waves as much as our founder Sarah Potempa, it's Emily Blunt! When Sarah styled her hair for a charity gala...

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  • How-To: Topsy Tail Faux Braid

    How-To: Topsy Tail Faux Braid

    This stunning topsy tail updo may look super intricate, but, trust us—you can totally master it at home. Follow these steps to learn how to create your new favorite ‘do!

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  • Emily VanCamp’s Double Braid Pony

    Emily VanCamp’s Double Braid Pony

    We’re officially dubbing 2017 the year of the ponytail comeback. And in 2018, those ponies are only going to get bigger and better. Case in point? This gorgeous, double...

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  • DIY Waterfall Braid

    Sarah Potempa created this beautiful waterfall braid for Cosmopolitan and, in this video, teaches us how to do it step by step. All you'll need is a...

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  • 8 DIY Bridal Hair Ideas That You Can Do For Your Wedding

    Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most exciting days of your life, so that means you want to look absolutely stunning. Sarah Potempa created these beautiful DIY...

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  • Perfect Gym Hair

    Sarah Potempa created some hairstyles for Pop Sugar Beauty that are perfect for going straight from working out at the gym to working in the office. The looks...

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  • Weekly Recap: 365 Days of Braids

    Two weeks left of #365daysofbraids! This week had some stunning braids and included: a Braided headband, a 3D Fishtail Braid turned into a Stacked Fishtail Braid, Looped Knot Braided Updo, Two Strand Braid...

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  • 14 Mesmerizing Braids

    Sarah Potempa created these 14 incredible braids for Cosmopolitan as she is styling her #365daysofbraids: 1. Beachy Side Dutch Fishtail Ponytail