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#100HairDays update

Team SP and I have been having such a great time with the #100HairDays challenge on Instagram! It's been both fun and exciting having to come up with different hair looks everyday. Here are my first 11 hairstyles! We welcome anyone to take the challenge with us! Follow me on Instagram to check out what I come up with every day: @SarahPotempa.




Molly Sims: Beachwaves & Braids

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of styling Molly Sims hair with the Beachwaver. We had a great time and she fell in love with it! So much so, that she is wrote about it on her blog and called it her "Curling Iron Obsession!" It is so great to help teach how to get beautiful beach waves in only a few minutes. The only other thing Molly and I like just as much as pretty Beachwaves, are braids. I was so excited when she asked me to share some easy braid hairstyles. Check out a two strand braid and fishtail braid crown tutorial on her blog!


#100HairDays Instagram Challenge

Yesterday, the Sarah Potempa team started a #100HairDays challenge on Instagram. We would love for you to join! 

Here's how it works:

Everyday for 100 days, post a different hairstyle to your Instagram page. This means you will have 100 hair pictures on your Instagram and no two hairstyles should be the same!

Be creative. Include cute hair accessories, hats, buns, braids, straight hair, curly hair, wigs, fake bangs, hair chalk... ANYTHING! This is your chance to experiment with your hair!

Please include #100HairDays, ‪#‎SarahPotempa‬ and @SarahPotempa in your caption and include the corresponding day, i.e. Day One, Day Two, etc. If you use your BEACHWAVER™ or WRAP UP™ be sure to include @thebeachwaver and @WrapUpBun. We may just feature your look!

Example: DAY ONE: Rocking a #fishtail crown #braid today! #100HairDays #SarahPotempa @SarahPotempa



Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games exudes tough girl chic in this five strand braid. Grab a friend, grab your bow & arrow, you’ve been chosen to be Katniss Everdeen this Halloween.

  1. Beachwave all of your hair for perfect texture
  2. Part your hair in a deep side part
  3. Grab a friend and create a five strand braid

  4. Start with the right and go over the inner piece and under the middle piece
  5. Move to the left and go over the inner left piece and under the middle piece
  6. Then repeat as you add hair to the outside pieces and keep tight to shape the braid around the nape of the neck

  7.  Continue straight down with the braid

  8. Finish off with a regular braid and secure with an elastic



For the past three years, I have had the pleasure of styling hair for the JETS Cheerleaders Calendar shoot!  From Aruba to Puerto Rico to this year in The Cayman Islands, it has always been one of my favorite shoots!

For the shoot, the hair vibe was super sexy beachy hair (one of my favorite looks!). To achieve these styles our tools were on set daily to help get the girls looking great.  The “On Set” Styling Brush, The BEACHWAVER™ and our exciting cordless Jet-Setter iron  were perfect companions to style on the beach!

This was my first trip to bring our brand new iron, The Jet-Setter! It is an amazing cordless rechargeable styling iron. It will be launching this July on Joyus and is sure to be a favorite among girls on the go, editorial hairstylists, and cheerleaders!! I’m personally so excited about this iron as it made my job in the Cayman Islands so much easier. I could literally curl, iron, and touch-up the girls on the beach without an outlet!!

The beach is one of my favorite places to be and going there for work is even better!! In addition to all the beautiful locations, the crew and cheerleaders were such amazing people to spend time with! I even got a cute picture with cheerleaders and my baby bump! I am super happy to have just found out it’s a girl…and I know she will love this  picture of her with the JETS Cheerleaders when she is older!

 A special thanks to the amazingly talented, Daisy Johnson, who shot all the gorgeous photos of the girls on the beach, in the coves, and at sunset…I can’t wait for the release of the official  JETS Calendar this Fall!



Gregory Alan is one of our personal favorite editorial hairstylists here at SARAHPOTEMPA, Inc! He has assisted Sarah for many years on editorial shoots, runway shows, and styling celebrities. He was also part of the styling team for our Sarah Potempa/Sarah Silver shoot (fabulous images below!)

Gregory worked with Sheena Trivedi for her presentation in midtown for Fashion Week FW ’13. He styled the two models using The WRAP UP™ for Sheena’s futuristic inspired collection. He was inspired by the mod cuts of the clothing and wanted a hairstyle to match, so he chose to stack two WRAP UPs™ to achieve this innovative, double halo look.

How To:

  1. Prep wet hair with flexible mousse (Gregory loves Salon Grafix Styling Mousse)
  2. Blow dry smooth

  3. Section out crown, from ear to ear

  4. Stack both WRAP UPs™ and slide down front section of hair

  5. Over direct tension with each rotation until you reach the crown

  6. Close each side of the WRAP UP™

  7. Use The BEACHWAVER™ on the remaining section of the hair and tease by using the “On Set” Styling Brush. Apply a light finishing hairspray to finish the look.


Voila! What innovative looks have you created using The WRAP UP™?