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Get the Look: Fishtail Half Up

Add a spin on the classic half up hairstyle with Fishtail braided strands, and beachwaves - simple, classy, yet unique. 
Before the braiding begins, grab your Beachwaver Pro to add those beachywaves.
Half Up Crown Braid:
Step 1: Grab a small portion of hair on the right side of your head and separate into two equal sections. 
Step 2: Pull a skinny strand from the left section, and cross that strand over to the section on the right. Then pull a skinny strand from the right section and cross that strand back over to the left section.
Step 3: Repeat, pulling strands from opposite sides, until your fishtail reaches the ends of your hair. Hold braid in place with a bobby pin while you braid the other side.
Step 4: Recreate the braid on the left side of your head with another small portion of hair.
Step 5: After both braids are completed, merge the two and finish with a regular three strand braid.



Pop Sugar 8 Bridal Looks

Pop Sugar followed my 100 days of hair challenge and asked me to do another challenge for them. Since it's wedding season, they wanted me to create 8 completely different themed bridal looks on myself! I took on the challenge and included a how to for these very versatile looks that any bride can achieve! Click here to see all the styles and to learn how you can do them yourself. 


Anna Chulmsky at Veep Red Carpet

Braided crowns are sure to dazzle, and Anna Chulmsky looked striking at the premier of Veep! With a royally inspired up-do like this, you are sure to turn heads at any event, big or small.

For more on how to get the full look, check out

Here are some of my tips on how to get this look:

1. Brush hair out with the On Set Styling Brush to detangle all the hair.

2. Start in the lower back right of the hair and section out a clean semi-circle up. Hold remaining hair away with the Darby Clip.

3. French braid by taking three pieces and going right over middle left over middle, while adding pieces from the root. Continue to French braid along the hairline all the way around to the other ear. Release the clip when you get to the hairline to add that hair in.

4. Once all the hair is in the French braid, apply Aussie's Miraculously Smooth Tizz No Frizz Gel to the ends to make sure all the layers get in the braid. Wrap the tail end of the braid around to follow the braid and tuck it under. Secure with hair pins.


How To: Doctors Edition

Not many people like going to 'the doctor's office,' but it is a blast when you get to spend the day with The Doctors! On the show, I showed the Doctors how to make your thin hair look fat. If you want add volume without using extensions or paying salon prices, use these three hair hacks. These tricks will be sure to give you voluminous hair in no time!

Braids, can sometimes make your hair look thinner but there is a the solution: 

Pancake Method


  • Add texture beforehand by adding dry shampoo to ends. 
  • Use two or three strands to braid.
  • Use tight braids to start, so pulling will make hair look thicker.
  • Once braided, pull each loop out a little bit to get big texture throughout.If you don't have time to worry about your hair in the morning then your solution is: 

    Overnight Buns
    • You can shower before bed to wet your hair.
    • Section your hair and begin to twist your hair away from your face forming 3 buns.
    • In the morning, untwist and style to achieve the gorgeous waves.

    If you love to wear your hair in a ponytail but it's been lacking the fullness, your solution is:

    Double Ponytail

    • Section your hair in two and use the top section to make your first ponytail
    • Gather the bottom section of hair and create a second ponytail underneath the first
    • Back brush the top ponytail and add curls in different sections, giving you a voluminous ponytail sure to turn heads


    How to: Braided Head Piece

    You'll be sure to turn heads with this braided hair style! It's the perfect look for the upcoming music festival season and is so quick and easy to do on yourself. 

    Step 1: Using a comb, part hair so there is an even one inch section in the center of your head.  

    Step 2: Starting from the back of the head, do an inverted french braid until you reach the front. 

    Step 3: Separate the section of hair in the front into two sections. Braid each side and pin behind hair.  



    How To: Double Knot Pony Tail

    Step 1: Separate hair into two even sections. 

    Step 2: Tie hair together through a standard knot.

    Step 3: Repeat knot pattern. 

    Step 4: Tie with a clear elastic.



    3 Bridal Looks for Short Hair

    Finding your perfect wedding hairstyle can be tough for any bride. Having short hair should never stand in the way of achieving the bridal look you've always wanted. I was happy to share my ideas with Martha Stewart Bridal on transforming short locks into gorgeous bride ready looks! Click here to see step by step how to achieve these wedding day styles!


    3 Bridal Looks for long hair

    Finding your perfect Wedding hairstyle can be tough. I was happy to share my step-by-step ideas on transforming long locks into gorgeous bride ready looks! Read the how-tos below and be sure to check out Martha Stewart Weddings for the rest of the story!

    Braided Updo
    Step1: Frenchbraid
    Step 2: Fishtail
    Step 3: Wrap them together using the Wrap Up Bun
    Long Waves
    Step 1: Prep the hair
    Step 2: Give it a curl using The Beachwaver
    Step 3: Separate to finishing using the On Set Styling Brush
    Adorned Updo
    Step1: Set the band
    Step 2: Roll the hair using the Wrap Up Bun
    Step 3: Fasten and Tuck
    Step 4: Finish it off with a gorgeous Jennifer Behr Odele fascinator


    365 Days of Braids: Week 1

    5 Strand Fishtail Braid
    Step 1: Divide hair into five even sections.
    Step 2: Fish tail braid* each individual section.
    Step 3: Once all sections are complete, five strand braid* them together and secure with an elastic.

    *Fishtail Braid
    Step 1: Part hair into two sections.
    Step 2: Pull skinny strand from left section.
    Step 3: Cross that strand to right section.
    Step 4: Pull skinny strand from right section.
    Step 5: Cross that strand to left section.
    Step 6: Repeat this crisscross pattern pulling strands from opposite side.

    *Five Strand Braid
    Step 1: Divide hair into 5 sections.
    Step 2: Pull outer most strand on left side over the strand next to it and under middle strand becoming the new middle strand.
    Step 3: Pull outer most strand on right over the strand next to it and under the middle strand becoming the new middle strand.
    Step 4: Repeat this motion alternating sides.