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Half-Up Heart Loop

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Whether you're spending time with the girls or have a date with your sweetheart, this easy heart hairstyle is a great one to try for your night out.


Step 1: Curl the hair with the Beachwaver PRO. Once all of the curls cool, spray the On Set Styling Brush with a flexible hairspray and brush through the curls for soft, loose waves.
Step 2: Pull two small sections of hair from each side of the head and secure them into a ponytail in the back of the head.


Criss-Cross Braids

Step 1: Curl 1" sections of hair with the Beachwaver PRO.
Step 2: Create two small, three strand braids on either side of the head behind the ear. Secure each with a clear elastic.
Step 3: Criss cross the braids in the back of the head and secure with a bobby pin behind the opposite ear.
Step 4: Add a fun accessory to dress up the look. Be creative! We turned one of our favorite necklaces into a headband by clasping it at the top of the head so that the jewels framed...


Faux Bob

Step 1: Curl smaller sections of hair with the Beachwaver PRO to get gorgeous texture. To use the PRO: Select L (left) or R (right) based on the side you are curling, and clamp the hair leaving a bit of the ends out. Press the "GO" button to start the rotation. Release "GO" to stop the rotation. Hold for 3-4 seconds, open the clamp to release straight down.
Step 2: Use the Wrap Up to create a faux bob. To use the Wrap Up: open it, slide the hair through, pinch it closed, wrap it under...


Get the Look: Fishtail Half Up

Add a spin on the classic half up hairstyle with Fishtail braided strands, and beachwaves - simple, classy, yet unique. 
Before the braiding begins, grab your Beachwaver Pro to add those beachywaves.
Half Up Crown Braid:
Step 1: Grab a small portion of hair on the right side of your head and separate into two equal sections. 
Step 2: Pull a skinny strand from the left section, and...


Pop Sugar 8 Bridal Looks

Pop Sugar followed my 100 days of hair challenge and asked me to do another challenge for them. Since it's wedding season, they wanted me to create 8 completely different themed bridal looks on myself! I took on the challenge and included a how to for these very versatile looks that any bride can achieve! Click here to see all the styles and to learn how you can do them yourself. 


How To: Doctors Edition

Not many people like going to the doctor's office, but it is a blast when you get to spend the day with The Doctors! On the show, I showed the Doctors how to make your thin hair look fat. If you want add volume without using extensions or paying salon prices, use these three hair hacks. These tricks will be sure to give you voluminous hair in no time!

Braids can sometimes make your hair look thinner, but there is a solution: 

Pancake Method



How to: Braided Head Piece

You'll be sure to turn heads with this braided hair style! It's the perfect look for the upcoming music festival season and is so quick and easy to do on yourself. 

Step 1: Using a comb, part hair so there is an even one inch section in the center of your head.  

Step 2: Starting from the back of the head, do an inverted french braid until you reach the front. 

Step 3: Separate the section of hair in the front into two sections. Braid each side and pin behind hair.  



3 Bridal Looks for Short Hair

Finding your perfect wedding hairstyle can be tough for any bride. Having short hair should never stand in the way of achieving the bridal look you've always wanted. I was happy to share my ideas with Martha Stewart Bridal on transforming short locks into gorgeous bride ready looks! Click here to see step by step how to achieve these wedding day styles!