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How-To: Sweetheart Bun

Choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day style is no easy task! You want it to be cute AND practical (and it wouldn’t hurt if it looked good enough to ‘gram!). We have just the thing. This festive, heart-shaped bun is sure to turn heads, and with the Wrap Up, you can recreate this look in just five minutes! 


Emily VanCamp’s Double Braid Pony

We’re officially dubbing 2017 the year of the ponytail comeback. And in 2018, those ponies are only going to get bigger and better. Case in point? This gorgeous, double braid pony celeb stylist Sarah Potempa recently gave “The Resident” actress Emily VanCamp. Here’s how Sarah did it!


Holiday Waves


Step 1. Take a section of your hair and place it in the back with the Darby Clip.

Step 2. Take a small section of your hair and place it into the clamp.