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4 Styles You Can Create With a Bandana

Pairing a bandana with classic, simple
Beachywaves™ is one of our go-to styles for spring,
but sometimes, we like to get a little more creative! Tying it at
the end of a braid, weaving it into a bun, accenting a high pony with
a bandana are three more bandana style ideas to try this season! 

Bandana Headband

1. Beachwave your hair using the Beachwaver S1. Pro tip: to help
smooth your hair and catch shorter layers, start by Beachwaving
in the middle of a section, then hold the end of the strand, open the
clamp and gently slide the iron down. Continue Beachwaving. 
2. Roll your bandana into a headband.
3. Section out two pieces of hair in the front. Place the bandana
underneath the back section of your hair, and wrap upward.
4. Tie into a knot at the top of your head.
5. Tuck the front pieces into and around the bandana.
Optional: use a bobby pin to secure the hair behind the bandana.
6. Rock your new look, cutie! 

Half Up Infinity Braid

1. Beachwave your hair using the Beachwaver S1.
2. Start by making a half ponytail and securing with a clear elastic.
Make an opening right behind the ponytail, and flip the
pony through. Gently pinch and pull the hair in the crown for extra
texture and volume.
3. To start the braid, section the pony into two. Take a small piece of
hair from right side. Bring it underneath the right section and over
the top of the left section. 
Next, take a small piece of hair from the left section, add it to your
original piece, then bring it under the left section and over the right
section. Pro tip: keep the infinity braid as tight as you can.
4. Continue repeating these steps, braiding for a few inches.
Secure with an elastic, then take another elastic and make a pony
but don’t pull all the way through, creating a bun.
Finish by tying a bandana at the top of the bun. 

Bandana Bun 

1. Section out two pieces of hair, and bring them to the front.
Secure the back section into a ponytail with an elastic,
then tuck the end of your bandana into the elastic.
2. Create a three-strand braid, using the bandana as one of the
three strands. Continue braiding all the way down, then secure
with an elastic, and pancake the braid to add volume.
3. With the two front pieces, create a rope braid (split into two
pieces, twist the pieces in opposite directions then wrap them
around each other) on each side. Using a Wrap Up, roll the middle
braid upward, then bend the ends of the Wrap Up downward.
Secure any loose pieces with bobby pins.
4. Take the two rope braids, cross them over the top of the bun,
then wrap under the bun and back over. Secure with bobby pins.
Beachwave any face-framing pieces with the Beachwaver S1

High Pony/Dutch Braid

1. Beachwave your hair using the Beachwaver S1.
Section away a face-framing piece with a Darby Clip.
Secure the rest of the hair into a ponytail using a hook elastic.
Gently pinch and pull hair in the crown for volume.
2. With the front piece, create a three-strand Dutch
braid. Braid until you reach the ponytail, then pin the braid into
the ponytail. Tie a bandana around the pony. Fan and fluff the
bandana until you achieve your desired look.
3. Tease the ponytail for extra volume. Secure with a flexible hold
hairspray, like Beachwaver's Great Barrier Heat Protectant Hairspray.


How-To: Perfect Your Banana Bun

The banana bun (a close relative of the über chic French twist) is the ultimate cool-girl style. It’s timeless, elegant and one of the most versatile looks—dress it up (it’s the perfect bridesmaid ‘do) or down (is it just us, or does it pair perfectly with a fuzzy fall sweater?)so we’re thrilled it’s back and trending for fall.

Below is our version of the classic banana bun. Tuck in the ends for a formal vibe, or leave them out for a more casual look! Here's how it's done. 

1. Curl hair with the Beachwaver S1, then brush through the curls with an On Set Pro Brush for soft waves. Pro tip: for extra shine, spray your brush with a flexible hairspray before brushing. 

2. Pull all hair to one side and twist the top third inward, then secure with large bobby pins.

3. Roll the next third of the hair inward, slightly below the first section. Secure with large bobby pins, and gently pancake the bun for volume.


4. Roll the last section upward, and pin. Tip: For a more casual, daytime look, leave out about an inch of hair at the bottom.

5. Spray with a flexible hairspray, then Beachwave the front pieces once more if desired.


6. Brb. Trying this right now and every day this season. 


Polished Wedding Ponytail

A little patience and a lot of heat can straighten curly hair temporarily if you want it sleek for the I do’s and wavy for the honeymoon. New York City stylist Sarah Potempa applied a serum, stretched the strands, and smoothed locks with a flat iron before pulling hair back into the super-chic look.


If you want to see my tips on the full how-to be sure to check out Martha Stewart Weddings!





Wedding 'do how-to for budget brides

Skipping the salon can be a big money saver for budget-conscious brides, but how do you make a DIY 'do stand out from the every day?

Sarah Potempa, a New York hairstylist who coiffs models and celebrities for runway shows and fashion magazine shoots, describes how to glam up a tousled down-do and bring elegance to a classic bun — all by yourself (or with the help of trusty bridesmaids).

A word of caution: Always do a practice run before your big day, and take pictures, to make sure it's the look you want and that you can pull it off.

Beachy glam

After washing your hair, figure out where you'll want your part. A middle part is more relaxed. A side part is more old-Hollywood glamour.

Loosely blow-dry (don't straighten) your hair, flipping your head down to get some volume at the roots. When it's 80 percent dry, use a brush to smooth down the ends. Optional: Apply a soft mousse while your hair is still damp (Potempa likes Aussie's "Catch the Wave Mousse and Leave-in Conditioner").

Once it's completely dry, separate the left and right halves of your hair and bring them forward, as though you're making pigtails. Starting on one side, separate the top 3/4 of your hair and clip it out of the way, leaving you with a row of hair at the bottom of your head. You will be curling by section, starting at the back and working your way forward.

Holding the curling iron upside down, so that the handle is pointing to the ceiling, clamp the first 1-inch section of hair at the base of the iron. Rotate the iron away from your head so that your hair forms a spiral up the shaft of the iron, stopping when you get close to the roots. Hold it for 10 seconds (up to 15 seconds if you have very fine hair), then pull the iron out. Do not run your fingers through the curl yet.

Repeat for each one-inch section of hair, working from back to front. When the bottom row is done (usually two or three curls), release the clip to separate the next row up (about 1.5-inch wide) and do the same thing. Then do the next row up, etc. Once that side of your head is finished, do the other side, always going from back to front, bottom to top, rotating the iron away from your face.

With the curls still intact, spritz your hair with a hair spray that is both flexible and strong hold. Then run your fingers through your hair. If you have hair that easily holds curl, you could run your fingers through before applying hair spray. If you have very fine hair, consider spraying before you start curling.

If you have kinks or frizz around your hairline, use a small touch-up straightening iron to smooth them out (and bring it with you for emergency touch-ups).

Save time: Save half an hour by using the Beachwaver, a new motorized rotating curling iron from Potempa. The Beachwaver does the rotating for you and has a switch that specifies whether you're working on your right side or left side, so that all the waves go in the right direction. $179 at

For more Wedding do's on a budget check out the full article here!