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Ted Gibson‘s modern bouffant was inspired by Brigitte Bardot and the Cannes Film Festival, where much of Pamella Roland‘s own inspiration was rooted for her SS14 Collection. This simply, disheveled, yet elegant ponytail is easy to create in the few steps below.

  1. Spray a texturizing mist throughout hair to give it body and hold

  2. Create your deep side part by blowing front of hair over to one side

  3. Style part with “On Set” Styling Brush to keep it polished

  4. Section the top quarter of your hair away.

  5. Take remaining, loose hair and secure with an elastic band

  6. Release the top section and create 3-4 small sections. Using your SARAHPOTEMPA “Prep it Comb” tease each small section from mid to end. Once each section is teased, gather together and secure it to the already created ponytail with a bungee or another elastic band. Spray with a strong hold hairspray to finish.

TIP: Wrap or add your favorite ribbon/ leather piece around the base of the ponytail. Spray with a strong hold hairspray to finish.



Today’s Friday Favorites are women who made a name for their mane, from the 40s to 2013. Our staffs favorites range from the iconic Donna Reed to the up-and-coming model Chloe Nørgaard. We love their locks and we love that The BEACHWAVER™ can be a perfect partner in achieving similar styles… Hello, Veronica Lake anyone?


Sarah – Veronica Lake

Erin – Donna Reed

GinaRose – Marilyn Monroe

Emily – Brigitte Bardot

Katie – Sophia Loren

Marisa – Gisele Bündchen

Carly – Blake Lively

Crystal – Stephanie Bertram

Grace – Chloe Nørgaard





We loved Peter Butler‘s faux bob he created on the Emmy Award Winner, Claire Danes. This polished look was a huge topic of conversation among Beauty Bloggers and Emmy watchers alike… The question at hand was, “Is this faux or for real?”

We found out from Peter that it was indeed a faux bob. Upon his Twitter approval that The WRAP UP™ was the perfect way to recreate it at home, Grace tried it! Check out the pictures and her steps below!

  1. Part your hair in a deep side part

  2. Run your Ceramic Styling Iron + Blowout Attachments through the front section to create a slight bend in the hair

  3. Gather hair into a low ponytail and pull hair through The WRAP UP™

  4. Pinch The WRAP UP™ closed and slide down towards the end of the hair. Then roll up towards the base of the neck.

  5. Bend The WRAP UP™ forward to the shape of your neck and secure with two inch bobby pins

  6. Spritz hair with a flexible hair spray to give a clean and polished faux bob look.If your event is not as formal as the Emmys, feel free to “mess it up a little bit” and add some texture.



Last Saturday, SARAHPOTEMPA partnered up with the creators of the “The Moms” and SWW Creative to style the hair for Strut: The Fashionable Mom Show. Long, beachy, relaxed waves with a trendy middle part was the hairspiration for this Mom empowering event. Each lady walked for a charity of their choosing while wearing clothing provided by Bloomingdale’s. Stay tuned for shots from the runway!