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#CurlForEveryGirl Kelly

Meet Kelly! She has a thick, straight lob and got textured, piecey beachwaves with the Beachwaver® S.75. This was her first time using the Beachwaver® and she's already a pro! #CurlForEveryGirl


#CurlForEveryGirl Sylvia

Meet Sylvia! Her hair is naturally very frizzy, curly and unmanageable. When Sylvia curled her hair with the Beachwaver® S.75 her natural curls became more bouncy, defined and frizz-free. This was her first time using the Beachwaver® and we love the results! #CurlForEveryGirl


#CurlForEveryGirl Kristen

Meet Kristen! She is a working mom who never has much time to curl her hair, but with the Beachwaver® S1 she was able to curl her hair in less than 10 minutes! We love how the S1 helped enhance her natural texture, giving her gorgeous beachwaves! #CurlForEveryGirl


#CurlForEveryGirl Marissa

Meet Marissa! She has very thick, curly hair and we are in awe of her transformation using the Beachwaver® S1.25. The Beachwaver® helps to tame frizz and leaves hair  feeling smooth. The new bigger S1.25 is great for creating gorgeous waves if you have long hair! #CurlForEveryGirl